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Never Lose Another Thought Again!

Journaling is a powerful practice that promotes self-reflection, mindfulness, and personal growth. It allows you to capture your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, providing clarity, stress relief, and an opportunity for self-expression.

Our Digital Journal supports the habit of journaling in a simple, clean, and well-organized format. Built in the powerful Notion app, it also gives you the flexibility to customize it to what works best for you.

What can this digital journal do for you?

  • Declutter: Each entry is linked to a journal type for simple categorization. Use tags to organize entries further making it very easy and quick to retrieve important logs. Favorite special entries, and review recently added entries.
  • Decompress: Unload thoughts, emotions, and worries onto digital pages, offering a sense of relief and mental clarity. Upload images and videos into your journal entry to capture moods and feelings.
  • Define: Create a comprehensive digital record of your life journey for reflection. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly views allow you to understand who you were and what you were feeling at the time to learn more about yourself and who you are now.

What's Included

  1. Integrated Dashboard
  2. 6 Default Journals to start organizing entries by Personal, Travel, Food/Recipe, Workout, Inspiration, and Gratitude
  3. Custom Journal Builder - Create custom journals with the click of a button
  4. Time Machine - See what you wrote on this day 1 month ago, or last year, and how far you've come
  5. Calendar views
  6. Favorites view
  7. Recents view
  8. Quick entry buttons
  9. Optimal design meant to streamline and simplify the experience

Also Included!

Over 100+ prompts to help get you started! Find journaling prompts for every type of entry such as:

  • Creative Writing
  • Daily Journal Ideas
  • Daily Reflection
  • Dream Journaling
  • Goal Setting
  • Gratitude
  • Inspiration
  • Self-Awareness
  • Travel

Getting This Template

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June 28th, 2023
100+ Journal Prompts Included


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Digital Journal + Over 100 Journal Prompts

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